CIMB insist their online banking is secure.

It is reported by users on social media that CIMBClicks online banking security has been compromised.


On a recent statement by CIMB Bank Berhad, CIMB denied the statement of an allege security breach that happened over the weekend.


CIMB stated in its recent notice that their online banking portal remain safe and secured from any alleged security breach.


We would like to confirm that the news related to the online security of CIMB Clicks is untrue. Our platform remains safe and all customer transactions continue to be protected.


CIMB also stated in their FAQ that it is completely normal if any of you could access your account even with a wrong combination of passwords as it is because “the way the Clicks Password Rule is designed”.


You are experiencing this due the way the Clicks Password Rule is designed. We can assure you that CIMB Clicks and your banking transactions remain safe.


Over at the popular online forum, it was reported that because of this security flaw, its account might have already been hacked.


For customers that suspected their account has been compromised, they are urged to call their contact centre at 03-6204 7788 or by email at You can read the full FAQ here.


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